Movie Highlight: ‘Doctor Strange’, Marvel goes strange!!!


    An Arrogant former neurosurgeon goes on a journey to heal himself and finds that the universe has much more to offer than he ever knew.
  Okay, first things first, I am big fan of superhero movies and a big fan Of MCU, of which ‘Doctor Strange’ is latest offering. So, I’ll try my best not to fanboy my opinions.
    The best selling point of ‘Doctor strange’ is its visuals. Marvel has upped the ‘Holy shit’ quotient
of ‘Inception’s city-bending scenes tremendously.

  The second highlight is Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. He plays a kind of mystical version of Shelock Holmes here he has made already made so iconic. A man who has extreme arrogance of the amazing skills he has. Dr. Strange too has making of that kind. I was worried that I would keep seeing Sherlock in Cumberbatch’s Potrayal, but
when the movie ended, Benedict Cumberbatch was the ‘definite’ Socerer Supreme!!
   Mads Mikkelsen is a threatening presence as Kaecelius, but his talent is under-ultilsed as all of his backstory is given us to via exposition by other characters. Marvel has once again faltered in giving us a great villain. 
  Marvel has mastered the formula to make a entertaining family-friendly superhero movie. Which, itself has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you can clearly see marvel tropes and trademark humour. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a marvel movie.
   The jokes mostly work, some better than others. The origin stories, though, have started feeling a bit repetitive, their bit by bit nature getting more and more apparent as we get more movies.
That said, the writers and the director have done great job introducing us and making us fall in love with marvel’s mystic side. 
  There is surprising amount of good philosophoies about life and death being discussed here, particularly in a really memorable scene between Tilda Swinton’s ‘The Ancient one’ and Doctor Strange. This philosophy binds the whole movie together with a theme that speaks to the main character and the audience as well.
  plus, as a bonus, we have some cool references to over-all narrative that spans the MCU movies and a awesome mid-credits scene.
   Overall, ‘Doctor Strange’ is a thoroughly entertaining, even though sometimes formulaic, visually stunning, action-packed,  superhero adventure, you should not miss!!

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