Movie Highlight: ‘Arrival’, Why are they here?



   A linguistic expert tries to eshtablish communication with a alien race, trying to find the answer to ‘What is their purpose to arrive on earth?’
   Dennis villeneuve, the filmmaker behind thrillers such as ‘Prisoners’, ‘Sicario’ and ‘Enemy’ tries his hand on sci-fi genre.
‘Arrival’, like his other films is an atmospheric experience. A dread and uneasiness fills every scene.
    The sheer size of the alien ship and the way its depicted on screen scares the shit out of you.
   The scene where the characters enter the ship is one of the most suspenseful, you feel the feeling of venturing into unknown,  along with the characters. Some choices such as muffled talking on comms (So we don’t clearly hear what the characters are saying) and the background music which feels like something out of a horror movie,  increases this impact .
   The visual and atmospheric mastery of the movie is accompanied by a great story and screenplay.
    The movie depicts how things would unfold if aliens actually arrived on earth and instead of just destroying shit, they tried to communicate with us in a scientific manner. That idea itself is so fascinating.
   The movie toys with our expectations as we are trying to figure out what is happening on screen. Even if you are baffled, you are thoroughly intrigued by the film. And when you finally realise what is happening, the big revealation of the movie, its nothing short of a master stroke.
   Amy Adams, gives an excellent performance and carries the movie effortlessly.
    With ‘Arrival’, Dennis has given us one of the finest Sci-fi films. We can assume that the Sequel to cult classic Sci-fi ‘Blade Runner’ is in safe and very capable hands.
   If you haven’t, already, Go watch ‘Arrival’, An Cerebral atmosphereic Sci-fi experience.

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