Movie Highlight: ‘Kahani 2’, Bidya Is Back!!!!


  There is something about Bengal and kolkata that lends itself well to mysteries – Byomkesh Bakshi stories and films, Feluda mysteries, ‘Kahaani’ and ‘Teen’ are few examples where the backdrop of Bengal/Kolkata, its deemly lit streets and the atmosphere overall, work wonders. This is true for ‘Kahaani 2’ as well.

   This is a different ‘Kahaani’ , with a new main character and whole lot secrets and mysteries to unravel.
   We follow Arjun Rampal’s Inspector inder as he tries to solve a “Hit and Run’ case. The case gets more and more complex and quite disturbing.
  The first half is told with the help of a diary-assisted narration which is extensively used to connect forward and backward jumping narrative.
   Though the thriller is gripping, the story, the impact of the last twist is not as good as the first one. It helped that we were watching a pregnant woman looking for her husband throughout the first movie and it acted as a great set-up, but such is not the case with this one. If you stop and think, some things don’t make sense or feel forced.
    There are very few actresses in Bollywood for whom Roles and characters are specifically written and Vidya Balan is one of them. She does what she is supposed to do in the role without any glitch and So does Arjun Rampal as Parallel lead.
   Though there are attempts, there is no memorable scenes and characters like there were in the first film. Remember the terrifying ‘Bob Biswas’ and the train scene?
   ‘Kahaani 2’ doesn’t rise to the standards set by first one. But it can be watched if you are Vidya Balan fan and It can certainly serve your apetite of thriller/mystery genre if you are fan of it.
(P.S. Check out those mystery films and stories set in bengal/ Kolkata listed above and share if you know any!!)

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