Movie Highlight: ‘Rogue One’, The force is strong with this one.


  A Group of rebel fighters attempt a rogue mission to acquire the plans to destroy a planet-destroying weapon.

  The prequel to the ‘Star wars: A New Hope’,  ‘Rogue one: A star wars’ is one of the first live action spin-offs Disney is producing besides the main episode features.

   ‘Rouge one’s plot is pretty interesting as it tells a story whose end we already know but intriguing enough to wonder what and how events went down Princess Leia got hold of those plans. 

    The film off course is visually breath-taking and full of battle awesome battle sequences. Added bonus this time is, Director Gareth Edwards. 

  As he did with ‘Godzilla’, he creates a sense of Scale which suits this universe and this film particularly well. This film, because this is a story of ordinary people in this fantastical but war-torn universe. Ordinary, because they are not the chosen ones, they are not ‘the one who is prophesied to set all the things right’, not the heroes who will definitely survive for another sequel, They are just ordinary people who rose to the challenge, chose to fight what they thought was right, what they believed in and most of all, to survive.
   That was the part I loved about the movie.

  And, there also lies the problem, that though we do see all the above stuff in regards to the characters, we don’t feel or connect with the character’s themselves enough. it’s because we don’t spend enough time with them to get to know them. That was a major flaw in the ‘Rogue One’. May be they left some key scenes on the editing floor.

  The Special effects are top-notch, the old feel of holograms, structures such star-destroyer, Death-star was spot-on.

  Edwards chooses to show Darth Vader in only two scenes and we keep wondering where he is when all the shit is going down. That was really disappointing even for someone like me who isn’t a die-hard fan. May be they were afraid they will ruin him by over-exposure, because Darth Vader sure sends chill down your spine in those two scenes he appears in. So that’s kind of okay. 

  Plus, there’s some cameos from our favourite characters, call backs and teases to other movies, which are always awesome.

     Though we don’t get to explore the characters much, everyone has something to do, no matter how important they were to story. Characters are not as likable as Han-solo and others, as this film takes a more serious look at the universe, treating it somewhat like a war-action movie than a fantasy adventure.

   Being a more of an action film buff than a fantasy fan, I may have enjoyed
‘Rogue one’ bit more than other films.                  
   Overall, a somewhat different take on the star wars universe, which expands the universe well, marred by under-written characters but telling an interesting story and jam-packed with awesome visuals and action, ‘Rogue one’ is a good enough watch depending on what you are looking for.

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