Movie Highlight: ‘Kaabil’, Hritik’s Daredevil act.


   A blind man sets out on a path to revenge after his wife is raped and he is kept from justice.
  The first act of ‘Kaabil’ introduces us to The most adorable couple of Rohan and Supriya. You root for them from scene one. You see them fall in love, get happily married. Then, you are crushed when you see their little happy life suddenly turn into a nightmare. And as a result, you are well on the side of the path when Rohan Bhatnagar sets out on the path of revenge.
This is the return of classic Hritik. The lovable innocent good guy who can sing and dance as well as kick some serious ass. The guy even pulls off a ‘walking away from the explosion’ walk. ( I swear I did not clap like a 10 year old.)


Aayega na? Darega toh nahi?

          – Rohan Bhatnagar.

Ronit Roy turns in a terrific performance as the villain corporator Madhavrao Shelar who is despicable as soon as he utters his first line.
The music (except the useless item song) is quite hummable and a treat for ears. ‘Mon amour’ is magical to watch. There are some awesome shots crea ted by playing with light and darkness.
The dialogue is crisp and serves Rohan Bhatnagar’s anger and outlash well. Girish Kulkarni and Rohit Roy give good performances in supporting roles.
If you are into revenge thrillers, (which i totally am), this is definately for you. Else, you may not enjoy as much.
The hrx brand visible in some scenes is a major distraction.
The movie can be predictable at times as you see some stuff in first half and  can tell immediately that its going to come handy when Rohan is plotting is revenge in second half. The story is beat by number revenge thriller, not unlike ‘Ghajini’ or even Marathi flick ‘Fakt Ladh Mhana’ (perhaps only good Marathi action thriller.)
But the good use of its blind man angle and Hritik’s awesome performance makes it a great watch. 

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