Movie Highlight: ‘Life, Animated’, Life found a way through animation.


The Documentary tells the story of Autistic boy learns to speak and communicate with the help of Disney animated movies.

   Owen Suskind, who had autism which caused fear of words, overcame the fear because of his love for ‘The little mermaid’, ‘Aladdin’ and other Disney movies.

Academy award-winning documentary film-maker takes us from Owen’s childhood where we see him try to form complex thoughts and speech to Owen’s graduation at 23, as he tries to understand and navigate through complex adult stuff such as sex, relationships and living independently with the help of with the help of quotes and characters in Disney animated movies.

The Documentary also featured scenes from classic Disney animation as well as some awesome original animation through which we see some of critical moments of Owen’s journey.

Being someone who often looks at the movies as a source of life lessons I was really intrigued by this Documentary.

  It was fascinating and inspiring to see Owen use something he is passionate about to overcome his difficulties.

  ‘Life, animated’ shows importance of animated movies and cartoons in terms of influencing children in a constructive way.

   Indeed, Owen Sunskind’s story is one of the unique and heartwarming tale of ‘Life finding a way’.

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