Movie Highlight: ‘Logan’, The last time is high time!!


This is not a review. I repeat, this is not a review. SPOILERS WARNING!!!
  This a heartfelt message to the makers of ‘Logan’ from a guy who loves superheroes.
This is a note of gratitude, a token of appreciation, whatever you wanna call it. But it is something coming deep down from the heart.
  I’ve practically grown up watching superheroes. In cartoons, in Tv shows and in movies. Agreed, we didn’t have much of comic culture, or atleast I wasn’t exposed to them. But I was exposed to everything that came from them. I’ve admired the colourful costumes, the super stuff the supers did, the epic fights and the message of hope that every superhero tries to give us. Even  ‘Batman Vs Superman’, much criticised for its cynical Superman and murderous batman showed a glimpse of hope, that the night will end and the dawn will come. Superheroes are the reasons that I believe that we could that we could achieve what seems impossible. That with right motivation and will, we can make things right.
  Then, I saw ‘Logan’. Hugh Jackman’s last round as the clawed mutant. The swan song.  The last one. The ultimate adventure. It broke my heart. It broke my heart to see my favourite super heroes, exhausted..  to see them helpless… To see Charles Xavier, the greatest mind of them
all, betrayed by his own mind, failed by his own memories. To see him fall from a chair like a lifeless skeleton, to see them brought down to the same level as you and me, Where was Professor X was just a old ailing man on a wheelchair and Wolverine was a son taking care of his frail father.
All the sci-fi stuff like the new mutants created in lab, the clone villain and all the action (which was brutal and awesome) took a backseat in my mind as the movie ended. This is coming from someone who loves action and Sci-fi more than any genre in this world.  What occupied my mind was the moments where the superhumans were simply human. Where Charles fell from his chair..I literally said out loud, “I can’t watch this.” But watch it, I did. Charles asks Logan to help him pee. That scene is played for comic relief. But it still made me sad. While Logan is insisting on keep moving, while Charles opposes him and instists to stay at the home of a family. The movie practically stops for a time to be a superhero movie. Its about a family reminiscing on their old times, Logan joking about how his ‘father’ used to run a school and he got kicked out of it many times, Charles confessing to Logan about how this is the best sleep he has ever had in years. We have seen these superheroes go on awesome adventures and achieve impossible feats, but we haven’t seen what they lost, what they missed out on. Charles implores Logan, ” You still have time…” and you think may be there’s hope. The sweet family reminiscences come to an abrupt end, when Charles is killed by Logan’s evil twin.
As Logan tries to save the dying Professor, he cries out,” It wasn’t me, It wasn’t me!!” Then when he is unable to save his mentor, he breaks down,  trying to taking out his frustration on the car.
  When Laura (X-23) asks Logan to take her to Eden, the place where they will be safe, You can literally see in his eyes how exhausted, emotionally bruised and battered Logan is, his eyes crying out, “don’t make me do this anymore, I can’t take it.” When I saw the trailer for the supposedly last Wolverine movie based on a comic named ‘Old Man Logan’, I was like, “Nah, he doesn’t look that old!!”. Boy, this movie proved me wrong. By the end of this movie, he was ‘Old’ in every Conceivable sense of the word. In the movie’s and Logan’s final moments, Logan finds  something to hold onto, in form of a kid who came out an abominable experiment just like him, he realizes what it feels it to be a father. “So this is how it feels…”, With these last word, Logan leaves us with a burden of feelings.
  This is the first time, I didn’t want an end credit scene after the movie. It ended with a perfect note, with a perfect farewell to our beloved x-man, with the ‘x’ on his grave.
  There have been many realistic takes on superhero movies, some great,  some hit-and-miss and some pretty bad, but ‘Logan’ really hit hard for me. May be it was ‘perfect movie at perfect time’, may be. Whatever it is, Team ‘Logan’ definately deserves a bow!!

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