Movie Highlight: ‘Baby Driver’, Fast and Furious meets LaLa Land in this Edgar Wright Romp



    Edgar Wright’s filmography is as versatile as it gets. He’s got a Zombie Comedy, a buddy cop spoof, a comedy about apocalypse and he also wrote (and was supposed to direct) Marvel’s Ant-man, a heist movie in superhero disguise.

    This time, Edgar Wright has decided to do a Musical action thriller.

  Right off the bat, if you enjoy and appreciate a good original action movie which is not a sequel/remake /reboot or remaining or whatever. Go watch this movie.

Now the actual review:

   Edgar Wright has a unique style and sense of humour. And This is a unalderated Edgar wright movie. Something he wanted make out of ‘Ant-Man’ but marvel allegedly didn’t wanna stray out of their (successful) formula.
   There are exciting car chases, there are choreographed musical bits. There is an awesome performance by Jamie Foxx.
  The main Character Baby’s hearing disability and the fact that he uses music to shut out the humming in the ears makes up a compelling a character trait what potentially could have been just a gimmick. 

   While I recommend you to watch this movie for its original and unique premise and the fact that it’s a fun action movie with some potential additions to your favourites playlists, ‘Baby Driver’ is not without its faults.

    While the first two acts with Baby’s  Introduction Kevin Spacey’s Doc and his Heist operations were awesome, I found the third act of the movie to be weak. The reason for this is The Romantic sub-plot. Baby’s Romance with his girlfriend is what drives (No pun intended!) the plot of the movie. But that romance and the villain Baby has to go against both were not Strong enough. There was A  character played by Jon Bernthal  which was just disappeared after a while.
   That all being said, I still will say go and watch ‘Baby Driver’ for the sheer fun that this movie is. You’ve gone to Eight ‘Fast and Furious’ movies, give this ‘Baby’ a chance! (see what I did there?)


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