5 times terminator genisys was a better movie.


Though the latest terminator installment failed to recreate the magic of first two entries, it certainly had some moments which made it better to watch. As ‘Terminator Genisys’ gets a box office boost due to china, with fate of further sequels still hanging in balance, let us see 5 times ‘terminator genisys’ was a better movie.

The john connor twist


The biggest gamble the movie plays is flipping the poster boy of the franchise (after arnold, obiously) Into main villain. It does brings some freshness to the time travel saga, as our protaganists have to face off against the one man they were trying to protect,The core storyline of terminator franchise being to ensure survival of john connor so he can lead resistance against skynet.
The gamble may have payed off very well if trailers and posters hadn’t spoiled it ( courtsey of marketing team) months before the release of the film. One realises the potencial of this twist when emilia clarke’s sarah says, “john connor isn’t humanity’s last hope anymore, it’s skynet’s.” What a wasted oppurtunity, then again we have many of them scattered throughout the series.

Arnold getting ‘old,but not obsolete.’


Biggest saving grace of the movie, Arnold’s iconic killer cyborg, this time returning as a guardian nicknamed ‘pops.’
The biggest doubt fans had about the movie before its release was the robot that ages. Instead, this turns out to be one of the better things about the movie. The plot, however convoluted and confusing it may be, serves well to explain the aging and incorporate it into story.
The moment where the terminator struggles with his damaged arm (a metaphor for old age) was one of the highlight of the movie. We do start to care about this robot who was originally manufactured to blend in and kill. Sadly, this is not true with other ‘human’ characters.
And seeing two arnlods go head to head with each other is epic anytime, anywhere, isn’t it? Remember- ‘old, not obsolete.’

Events leading upto kyle reese’s first time travel.

The movie,which is high on nostalgia, gives us a chance to witness the events narrated by kyle reese to a scared sarah connor in the first film. The war between humans and machines, with humans on verge wiining the war, and most importantly skynet’s last attempt to ensure its survival – sending back a terminator to kill the mother of the man who will lead the resistance. Its all there. Despite some flaws (shoddy special effects, a equally nude and bland Jai courtney), one cant help but feel epic and nostalgic as kyle reese goes on his first time travel.

Skynet in human form.


Another one of those wasted oppurtunity (atleast till if and when the sequel comes). The skynet has a new trick up its sleeves this time. As kyle reese embarks on his first time travel, john coonor is attacked by a man who seems to be a resistance soldier, leaving the fate of john connor and in turn the fate of humanity unexplained. That one really increases your curiousity though we know the outcome. (Thanks again to the marketing team.) But as john connor serves as a villain in the second half, the humonoid skynet somewhat sidelined and saved for future sequels.

J k simmons


The oscar winning actor comes as a welcome but underused adition to the decades old franchise. His drunk officer who witnessed the T-1000 chasing kyle and was left behind when sarah came to rescue. He waits decades after which he again comes face to face with sarah and kyle as they jump forward in time to 2017 in order to stop skynet desguised as genisys. He is then again left behind as the protaganists make their way to cyberdyne on a helicopter. Great actor.good character. But underused. Maybe again saved for future sequels.

So this were the 5 things which made ‘terminator genesys’ a slightly better movie despite its many flaws. Notice some of these are either underused or not developed properly in favour of setting the sequels. Should they have focused making this movie as best as they can instead of future sequels?  Will future sequels wiil be better if they handle the loose threads properly? What do you think?

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